Terms & Conditions

M3 Media Google Ads Credit Coupon

By applying for this promotional offer, you are hereby accepting the following terms and conditions of this offer:-

  1. The terms herein outlined my vary / change from time to time as deemed necessary by M3 Media or necessitated for interoperability or changes by terms by m3media’s partner(s).
  2. It remains the responsibility of the applicant to acquaint themselves with these terms.
  3. Budget spend quoted is excluding VAT (15%).
  4. Management fees of between 20 – 30% shall be charged on all advertising budget.
  5. Adsnet or its sister companies / websites reserves the right to offer promotion to any client, without having obligation to provide any reason.
  6. This offer is not only claimable as long as our Partners provide us the facility.
  7. Should our partner(s) change / alter terms of this promotion to us, such that we are not able to offer in full or part thereof, M3 Media reserves the right to cancel this offer in part or entirely at its sole description to any customer who may have subscribed for our services on the basis of claiming this offer. The customer is not deemed to have suffered a loss should this offer be cancelled as the client’s full advertising budget paid would have been / will be allocated in full for running ads for the client.
  8. The minimum to be spend by client in order to redeem the offer in full or part may vary as offered by our partners.
  9. Client who takes this offer, undertakes to spend a minimum budget of R6000 (ex VAT) within a period of 60 days, or as offered to us by our partner(s).
  10. The offer is not transferable to any third party or or for use on a different / new website domain different from the website / domain used in application for this offer.
  11. Our partner have set prescribed time within which this offer should be spend / used / redeemed, should a client successfully redeems the offer. The client shall be required to spend the coupon / value of promotion redeemed within 90 days or as prescribed by Adsnet’s partner.
  12. Should any term / provision is these terms and conditions be deemed invalid / illegal by a competent court in South Africa, this shall not invalidate the rest of the provisions herein.