Promoting on demand products and services online

Promoting on demand products and services online

On demand services can be defined as those services that are critical to the day to day living of consumers, be it business or their social engagement and daily routines. Equally on demand products are those products that are demanded by consumers for day to day usage, as either luxury or on need basis.

Identifying on demand services or products

However, identifying on demand services and products must go behind identifying that which consumers “want, like, prefer or love”, but that which they DEMAND, meaning that which consumers are prepared to pay for their consumption and also can afford.

Link between on demand services with Google advertising

So what’s the fuss about on demand services or products and Google marketing? while the fuss is because they are the drivers of most of Google ads as businesses are prepared to spend advertising budget to promote their products and services, with the expectation of an existing market – in-market clients.

How to maximize on Google advertising for on demand services or products

The best was to get the most from Google ads for on demand services and products is to understand the customer behavior, the purchasing monthly or annual routine. Like any products or services, on demand services and products follow same cyclical demand trend. This means there are times when clients will demand them more either due to usability demands or affordability or market liquidity. Some of the best ways to get the most of your on demand services are below:

  • Know your competitors and study their advertising styles
  • Setup proper bid adjustments for different locations, products / services and time
  • Understand what your competitors are paying to keep ahead – study your insights and make necessary adjustments.
  • Run parallel campaigns to match different market forces and competition advertising behaviors.

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