Starting a digital business

Starting a digital business

Starting a digital business is not alike the way our parents uses to start “old”  traditional business. About a decade or two ago, it made sense to invest in printing promotional material (flyers, letterheads, business cards) when starting a business.

A decade or so down the line, this has completely changed. While change is good, as human beings most of us always take time to adjust and adapt to the new demands of a modern and IT driven society.

Generally speaking, it has never been much easier and cheaper to start a business, particularly a digital business or an off line business supported significantly digital infrastructure. With the skills of most young & older generation advancing and improving in modern age, most of us can easily build a standard website. l for sure started my first website by watching YouTube videos and using tutorials online. While it may not work for all, it did work well for me.

Changes in requirements for digital businesses today.

While the above notion that starting a digital business has become cheaper and easier, it must be acknowledged that competition has made it very difficult to make it and the digital systems and “type” or advancement of infrastructure and software technology now required greater innovation and differentiation. It also means, it is much challenging to match competition, meaning as a young business person, you probably need the best possible support and advice, both technology wise and business sense. With competition high, you now required to do more to run ahead and stay ahead. Instead of having a website and running with it, you now need more services; SEO, social media presence (marketing), digital brand management, web development and much more.

Digital / Monthly marketing packages for digital business startups

Due to factors mentioned above; competition and complexity of digital market, most web design and marketing agencies have improved their services offering and now offer affordability to startups in the form of monthly payment packages and startup packages. What this means is that while you may not have the skills and sometimes resources to pay for all the services that are required for you to become competitive, you now can pay monthly or buy a startup package and pay less for several services that probably would have cost you double, if paid separately.

How To Get Digital Packages or Monthly Packages

The market in South Africa has many agencies that now offer monthly packages. These include the following; Instant Technologies, Web Partner, including us M3 Media.

feel free to check out some of our digital packages and monthly packages. Our once off packages are also worth your consideration if you are concerned about monthly commitments.

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